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Mission Statement

We at ComicWorm aim to build a community for artists and audiences where webcomics can be produced, shared, and enjoyed. We are looking to give the opportunity for aspiring artists to have their webcomics hosted and promoted on our site, as well as market and advertise for them.
As we are just starting up, we would like to know if there is anyone who is interested in having their webcomic series featured on our site. We are mostly interested in people who can produce content on a regular basis.


Hey, um just checked out my zwol post and saw your comment. I’d be open to do a review post for your website. What are the dets to everything you guys have going?? And what would I be reviewing? How many per week? Can I be open and honest about them if you guyys are promoting the books?

You can check out my website and see some of my work at

Let me know! -Jessica-

What I was hoping on a series of reviews that spotlighted little known indie comics and gave them the attention they deserved. That said, we would be interested in anything that celebrated/examined the comic medium and all it encompasses. As for how regular it is, we were hoping for something weekly. That said you are free to take things at your own pace whether that be every second week or twice a week, so long as you can do it consistently. If you were planning on reviewing anything that was produced on the site itself, that’s fine. Critical examination is important, so as long as your criticisms are constructive, then they would be more than welcome.

I’m sorry to say that I can’t really give you the detail to what we’re doing. This is because what the site dose is dependent on what its community wishes it to do. Whatever plans I have are always being turned on its head from the overwhelming enthusiasm of those I’m working with. We currently have a group of artist and writers working together to create multiple comic series. If you have a more specific question I would be glad to answer it.

Hello, My name is Patrick. I am an aspiring comic writer/creator. I have no real experience in this field but would like to be involved somehow. I am an imagination fan and have loved the comic art form since I can remember. I even took a cartooning class in at a community college and produced a strip for my final project. Im open and would glady collaborate with an artist or other writers to produce a web comic or anything. Is there anyway I can contribute? If you need to know anything more Ill gladly post or contact you. Thank you for your time.

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