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A Note

The site is still undergoing …*ironing*. The site is also being modified and tweaked; If you experience sudden changes this is why.


I’m guessing you guys still have a few bugs to work out. I’m trying to make an account but so far no luck. A password hasn’t been sent. Anyway i would like to join. I’m just starting a web comic that’s around 40 pages or so. Good luck getting everything running. HTML can be a pain.

It would be great if some other comics could join. I must say, though, that I am honored to be the first comic book on since August 24th of 2012!

I know what you mean; we had a buch of people who were quite enthusiastic! But then since it took so long for the site to be set up, the hype died down. I am currently in web-site design training, and will be updating the site as my skills develop!
Once I am satisfied with the layout, I will start to look for more artists again! I really do appreciate your work and effort! If you think there is anything that I could do for you, let me know!

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