Are Tom King & Jason Fabok Working On A Rorschach Comic?

Writer Tom King sent comic fandom on a wild goose chase when he tweeted a single black-and-white page of art from his next top secret project. Of course, King is already quite busy, shepherding the main Batman title on a twice-monthly schedule, as well as co-helming a new Mister Miracle series alongside artist Mitch Gerads, which was itself a secret series he teased on Twitter back in April.

Which leads us back to King’s latest mystery tweet and the question of what he’s teasing this time. After looking at the clues in the art, and keeping in mind the mystery and hype surrounding the impending arrival of the Watchmen characters in the DC Universe, we think we’ve been given our very first look at a DCU story starring Watchmen iconic anti-hero Rorschach. Hrm… Could be.

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