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Mission Statement

We at ComicWorm aim to build a community for artists and audiences where webcomics can be produced, shared, and enjoyed. We are looking to give the opportunity for aspiring artists to have their webcomics hosted and promoted on our site, as well as market and advertise for them.
As we are just starting up, we would like to know if there is anyone who is interested in having their webcomic series featured on our site. We are mostly interested in people who can produce content on a regular basis.

Adding a Webcomic


Here I will show you how to add a webcomic; It is very much the same as changing your avatar, to a certain point.

First we start off by clicking the Grey bar at the top of the screen:

If you do not see this bar, please let me know; I may have to enable the option for some of you.

Click on the “Comicworm” text, and this take you to the dashboard, which has a menu to your left that looks like this:

Now, Hover over the “Webcomic” Buton, and two selections should appear; Webcomics and Collections.

Click on  “Collections” .

This will take you to a page that shows other’s “Collections”.  We will have to make a new collection before we start posting webcomics; Your collection is where you will post your pages.






In the Collections page, you will see a forum like this:

Make sure you upload a banner/cover; this will be displayed on the front page, and users will click on it to navigate to your Comic. If you do not have one, then we can help you create a banner.

Banner format is preferred, as it will fit in vertically with the others.


Put in your name, Slug (same as your name by default)

And a brief description when you are finished.

Add the collection, and it should show up in the list to your right.

















Now, hover back over the webcomic Button, and select “webcomics”

Once you are there, please make sure that your Collection is selected in the dropdown menu:

In this one, we have the Aghoriverse; Make sure you have your own Collection selected, else you will end up posting into the wrong Collection!

Select “Add new”

It’s small and is shown beside “Webcomics in Comicoworm” in this picture.

Clicking this will take you to the posting page; navigate to the “webcomics” section:

Upload your files, and add a description above; Only post one page per post, else they stack vertically all in one page.

Check to make sure everything is in order,  Publish it!

Please ask if you need assistance!

Avatar Tutorial

Welcome to the swift Avatar tutorial.

An avatar is an icon before your name, and it is usually there to represent you, if you didn’t know already. It will show in the forum, and when you post a webcomic.

The first steps are simple, and hopefully so is this whole tutorial.

First, I will show you your default avatar and what it looks like on the first page.


This is what you see on the front page. I am using my test account for this demonstration. As you can see, it has a rather featureless character that reminds me of what frosty would look like if he had the misfortune of having his face stolen by local ape descendants.

We are going to change that, now.

Above this, at the top of the page, you will see a bar that hopefully looks like this:

If you were to click on it, you would be taken to the site’s dashboard, where you can add comics, if you have the permissions and status to do so. You can also change your avatar. After clicking on it, you should notice a bunch of options to your left.

They are your navigation buttons. We are looking to change your Avatar, which has to do with your profile.

Click on the “Profile” button, please.

This should take you to a screen that allows you to change some personal information, and other such options. Take your time if you must.

To your right, is another faceless frosty, but bigger. Like this:


Please click on the “Manage” button shown here. Doing so will open a Gump (window thingy) that will allow you to add and crop your picture as you desire.

You will need to upload a custom one, though.

Once you have selected one, or have taken the time to design your own ( Square small pictures are best, else they get fuzzy) Click the “update avatar”

Button to upload it. It will show your picture in a box, which you may crop if too large. This cropping editor is finicky, so I would play around with it for a while. You could ask for assistance at anytime in this tutorial, as I can take over and upload it myself.


Once you are finished, Click Update to save your cropping, you may exit out of the Gump (mini window doodad ((my lingo is astounding!)) )

And admire your work.

Note: Sometimes I have noticed that it looks blurry in the preveiw, however when compared to what it looks like in a forum post, It is sometimes different.

Thank you for taking the time to read this; Let me know if you need help.

Good news everyone!

You just read that in the professors voice!

Sorry, I could not resist.

Well, there is indeed good news; I have finally made web comic posting possible to those who will be promoted to author.
Also, users can now change their avatars, if they like (Hopefully it works…*brandished sledge hammer* *sips tea menacingly*)

I will be posting a tutorial with pictures on how to go about posting comics, and changing Avatars.

Technical difficulties

We are still dealing with the Web-comic Upload issue; Also the same issue is what might be stopping Media from being uploaded in general.

Ex: Avatar pictures being uploaded, and Webcomics being added…


Registration is now functional; Promotions to Author,  Admin, Editor, etc will be done by the admins manually.

You will be sent a randomly generated password via email, please change this to something that you can remember once you have received it.